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My super stylish Tidestore coat


I love when my week start with gifts. Last week had a great start. I received gift from Tidestore. My super stylish coat has arrived. They have it in three different colors. I picked black one. You can find it HERE.  It was very hard to choose one of the many, many amazing items. They have great discounts, and my wishlist on their webstore is super long. I was suprised how fast shipping they have. It was also low cost. When I got my package, I couldn't wait to open it. I was delighted! So soft fabric, so cozy, and sooo
stylish. I am in loved with it. As you all know this is my first outfit post, and I am not so good at posing, so please don't be so hard on me in comments :)
Special thanks to Tidestore  , and my patient friend Jovana who was behind the camera. It was windy day so my hair gone wild :) Hope you like it, please comment, I would like to here your opinion.
My friend and my photographer :)

                                                                I was wearing:
                                                  Coat: Tidestore; Jeans : Amadeus; Sweater: not branded;
                                                  Wedges: Bershka; Bag: Mona; Necklace: not branded

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